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Some great skicross action!

I love skicross. For me it was an amazing opportunity to continue with competitive skiing after I stopped racing alpine. I wasn’t able to transfer the skills from one sport to another like the great SX athletes of today. Take a look at the big boys on the Canadian SX team, they all have a…

Faceshot time in all the fresh powder here in Whistler!

Team Germany in Whistler! ;)

Oh yes, WHAT A DAY! One of these good Whistler days… The weather forecast was changing every single hour this week and in the morning the weather report called 10cm of fresh snow. Heading up the mountain early in the morning was definitely the way to go. Had the chance to meet this fun group…

Ted Ligety skiing, photo by Marcus Caston,

Ted Ligety diagnosis.

This new video about Ligety’s technique is amazing. It’s awesome to listen to him talk about how he’s able to arc those 195cm, 35m radius skis. Without any question, he is the master of the sport. What he’s doing seems so fluid and natural. Like me, I’m sure you’re wondering how you might be able…

Tunes so hot that even the speed patrol will be mad.

The best bangers of the year so far to rock out to while you’re out there slaying it. New music is hard to find, enjoy. Turn it up, arc it up, Michael

YES, fresh snow in Whistler

Whistler got powder!!!

FINALLY Looking out of my window right now there is A LOT MORE snow coming down… exciting! I guess everybody in Whistler was super happy this week, when Ullr (finally) found the way back to the Westcoast of Canada and brought us some fresh snow. The conditions are great, the creeks are filling in, and…


Bump skiing: Refined.

With the powder days few and far between, I’ve recognized that a fair amount of my skiing and teaching (with clients and instructors) is centred around moguls. Bumps are a unique animal. They’re usually patternless, uneven, and unforgiving. After I’ve skied a bump run, I’ve often asked myself what I could have done to be…