My skiing bucket list!

Last week I wrote about the amazing places I have skied in my life already. Now it is time to share some spots I want to go skiing… Here is my “skiing-bucket-list“. Usually, I am not a big fan of the whole bucket list thing, but sometimes you have to bring your dreams on paper and maybe I am able to tick off a few of those places in the near future…

#10: Antarctica

Yes, that’s right. One day I would love to go skiing in Antarctica. Why? Well, then I would be able to tick off (the most difficult) continent to go skiing. 😉 I am not sure how I will manage to go there, but even though the runs look super short, I am sure it would be an adventure throughout the entire journey…

#9: Dolomites, Italy

Ski anda relax in the Dolomites!! #dolomites #skisafari #italy_vacations #dolomitesski

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The Dolomites in Italy are a unique place. I had the chance to go road cycling for a week a couple of years ago and it’s on the list for winter too. The scenery looks amazing in summer and just thinking about the Italian food on the mountain I am getting hungry already 😉


#8: Las Lenas, Argentina

Trail Map LAS LEÑAS, Argentina (c)

Trail Map LAS LEÑAS, Argentina (c)

When we were skiing in Chile we were thinking of heading over to Argentina as well. Would have been way too much driving anyway and Chile was a great experience itself. The terrain in Las Lenas looks amazing and all my ski friends who ski there in their Southern Hemisphere Winter tell me how good the skiing (inbounds and touring) is…

Si hablamos de fuera de pista, hablamos del Cerro Martín. #LasLeñas

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#7: Kashmir, India

That’s correct – INDIA! Not many people know about the (apparently) good skiing in India. The combination of travelling to India and go skiing there makes me very curious and ever since I saw the Warren Miller film segment of Lynsey Dyer skiing in India this plan is stuck in my head… Maybe you get the same idea after watching it – enjoy:


#6: Skitouring, Iceland

Last year I was mountain biking in Iceland and loved it. If you meet people on your way they are all very helpful and super friendly and the whole country amazed me. It would be great to go ski touring in the northern part of Iceland one day. Don’t really think it would be worth spending much time in lift accessed terrain to be honest… But the touring – OH YES, it looks incredible!

one more, it’s so cool up here… #arctic #iceland #ólafsfjörður

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#5: Treble Cone, New Zealand

Having worked in Australia before I keep looking at New Zealand all the time.
The pictures my friends put up while spending their summers there are amazing and if they get snow: IT’S ON. 😉 Check out the view my good buddy Josh posted the other day! Maybe I can get a job in a ski school there for the summer, any offers available??? 😉

First day off training with the big dogs @jonboylou @rookieacademy and #jeff #rookies #takeyouthere #wherewillskiingtakeyou

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#4: Dizin, Iran

Skiing IRAN? YES!
Well, I will have to wait a couple of years till I travel to Iran but the possibilities close to Teheran look amazing. Might be more of a ski touring trip, but who cares. Maybe my body, altitude training is a must before heading there! 😉


#3: Seki Onsen, Japan

Skiing Niseko was amazing already, but there is something special about Japan… Ah, that’s right: #JAPOW! I keep reading about the Myoko-Kogen area and seeing pictures from there with some great snowfall, it’s on the list for sure and I hope to make this trip happen during a good snow period. Apparently, they get 13 metres of pow per season on average, well now everyone should be convinced to go there one day, right!?! 😉

A problem in Niseko was the shortage of steeper terrain. It seems like Seki Onsen (with an average of 16(!) meters of snow per winter) might be the solution. I read the quote: “an off-piste haven for powder hounds…” Who is in?!?

Today was the deepest snow I’ve ever rode in my life. Rough time trying to get the whip out of the carpark though.

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#2: Lyngen Alps, Norway – DONE!!! Read all about it here!

Lyngen Alps, Norway

Lyngen Alps, Norway – Thanks to Steph from Netz und Werk for the photo!

Breathtaking scenery and a bunch of my good friends from Austria went there a couple of years ago. They were evil enough to show me all their great photos and ideally I can stay on a boat and start ski touring right on the shoreline in Norway. They had quite challenging conditions but still loved it…

My friends ski touring in Norway...

My friends ski touring in Norway… – Thanks to Andi from the Mountain guides Zell Kaprun for the photo!


#1: Chamonix, France

Chamonix is well known in the ski industry as one of the hotspots for steep skiing.

I remember when I watched “The Blizzard of Aaahhs” for the first time, I wanted to go skiing in Chamonix. Well not really, I was too young and had no idea about steep skiing back then but I was impressed! The terrain you can reach with the combination of ropes, harness and lifts look amazing and I will have to aks my mountain guide buddies to join me on this trip I guess 😉 Can’t go wrong when you have the best mountain guides with you on tour… Are you up for a ski trip Andi?!?

Sit back and enjoy the Chamonix Segment 1 of the Blizzard of Aaahhs (filmed in 1988!):


What’s next?

Well… first off I think I have to buy a lottery ticket. Too many air fares involved to tick off all the spots on my bucket list but ah well, it is good to have dreams! 😉
Hope you enjoyed my list and if you think there is something missing in my top10 list, please let me know! If you are thinking of going to one of the places above let me know as well… I’m always up for a good ski trip! 😉

See you on the snow,