Some great skicross action!

I love skicross. For me it was an amazing opportunity to continue with competitive skiing after I stopped racing alpine. I wasn’t able to transfer the skills from one sport to another like the great SX athletes of today. Take a look at the big boys on the Canadian SX team, they all have a strong background in alpine racing. Georgia Simmerling, from Vancouver, raced in the 2010 Olympics in alpine and managed to make the Sochi team for a completely different sport!

Enjoy some videos from some crazy SX action from the last few years.

First video is from the last jump of the Winter X-games a few years ago. The first airborne athlete is Jamaican ski team racer Errol Kerr.

The second video is from the same jump as the video above and features Olympic silver medallist Kelsey Serwa from Kelowna . You can see the mens jump on the right hand side of the women’s. I’m not sure anyone was expecting the ladies to generate that much speed out of the final few turns. These girls sure can rip and with such a close race you can see why they all put the hammer down at the finish.

This video is from the finish of one of the final  men’s rounds in Sochi. What a crazy finish!

And of course, this piece of athletic magic.

Great athletes, great sport. Until next time,

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