Winter 2016/17 is coming…

That’s right, winter is just around the corner and the question is: “What to do in those days before winter actually starts?”

First off: Get EXCITED!

What is better than watching some amazing skiing to get stoked for winter? Pretty much: nothing!
The mornings are foggy, the days are getting shorter, it is getting cooler… Here are a couple of Ski-Movies I am really looking forward to watching this fall:

Warren Miller’s “Here, There & Everywhere”

Warren Miller… The godfather of ski movies has done it again and it will be amazing to watch the new production of 2016. Warren Miller started 67 years ago capturing skiing in movies. There is much more than “just skiing” to it…

Shades of Winter: BETWEEN

It was terrible news about Matilda Rapaport in August. I cannot put it into words but I am really looking forward to the new movie of the Shades Of Winter Crew! A couple of years ago I met a few people of the Shades Of Winter Crew in Haines, Alaska. Including Matilda… #inspireLikeMatilda

Red Bull – The Fourth Phase

Do you remember The Art Of Flight? If not you have to watch it. An incredible (snowboard) movie that will even get skiers excited. Enough said – Red Bull put together a new movie… We will see if they can keep the same quality as in 2011 🙂

Blank Collective: Canvas!

Just saw this teaser a couple of days ago and I think it is amazing. There are some big names in the crew and the description says “athlete driven”… We will see what the movie delivers but the teaser is awesome:


Second: Get FIT!

That’s right, four teasers are enough. Get up from your desk, play outside or go to the gym. Get your body ready for winter so you can do those extra runs, enjoy winter even more this year! 🙂

See you on the snow,